CHWD-1080 Red
CHWD-1080 Maroon
CHWD-1080 Black

Model: CHWD-1080B

Big Size

Water Dispenser with Refrigerator

2 Taps for Cold and Hot Water

7 Circles of Copper Refrigerant Pipes

Double Thermostat

Separate Regulator for Dispenser and

External Condenser

Voltage: 220~240v 50

Heating Power: 500w

Cooling Power: 1100w

Refrigerant: R134a

Dimensions: 36*35*99.5cm

Net Weight: 16.5   Kg

Loading Quantity 40' HC: 348 units

About Chrani Company: Chrani Company for General Trading started trading business in 1997. And registered as Chrani Company in Kurdistan region in Ministry of Trade in 2002. Several years after, Chrani Company was able to expand the characteristic of the company to include Commercial Agencies and to be CHRANI COMPANY FOR GENERAL TRADING AND COMMERCIAL AGENCIES. Through years of serving customer ...more

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