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13 CU. FT Double Door Refrigerator
CHR-DG132-W White
CHR-DG132-S Silver
CHR-DG132-R Red
16 CU. FT Double Door Refrigerator
CHR-DG162-W White
CHR-DG162-S Silver
CHR-DG162-R Red
25 CU. FT Double Door Refrigerator
CHR-D250-W White
CHR-D250-S Silver
CHR-D250-R Red
CHR-D250-B Black
19 CU. FT Double Door Refrigerator
CHR-DG192-W White
CHR-DG192-B Black
CHR-DG192-S Silver
CHR-DG192-R Red
CHR-DG192-WD White
CHR-DG192-WWD Maroon
CHR-DG192-G Beige
21 CU. FT Double Door Refrigerator
CHR-DG212-W White
CHR-DG212-B Black
CHR-DG212-S Silver
CHR-DG212-WWD Maroon
CHR-DG212-WD White
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