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Service centers

 Washing Machines & Dish Washer:

 Mr. Karem

Shele Quarter, Duhok

Mobile: +964-750-4584268


Refrigerators, Chest Freezers & Water Despinsers:

Mr. Ahmed

Raza Quarter, Duhok

Mobile: +964-750-4902792


TV & Electronics:

Mr. Abdulaziz

Shele Quarter, Duhok

Mobile: +964-750-4583242 


About Chrani Company: CHRANI COMPANY which headquarter located in Duhok, Iraq has been registered as Chrani Company for General Trading in Kurdistan region, Iraq in Ministry of Trade on 20th April, 2002 under registration number 511. Chrani Company became a specialist in home appliances business and was able to expand the characteristic of the company to add Commercial Agencies and to be titled ...more

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